Killing time in a pandemic

Hi, friends! How is your pandemic going? On our end, social distancing is making us a little stir crazy, but we have no shortage of things to do. So how have we been killing time in a pandemic?

On my end, the big news is I FINISHED MY BOOK! I apparently started late in 2013, so a mere too-many-years later, here we are. Hallelujah. I pitch it to an agent Saturday for the first time ever, too, so wish me luck, send me pointers, send some good juju or whatever, and I’d be eternally grateful.

And here’s what we’re doing in our time. Basically feral baby stuff. Cause what else is there to do?

Girl painting

Today the kids painted on the trampoline, then painted each other on the trampoline, and then I avoided them like the Coronavirus to make sure I didn’t get painted on, too.

Toddler dips brush into paint

Have we done school stuff? Nope. We’re trying to engage the kids in other ways cause HOW DO YOU ACT AS IF EVERYTHING IS NORMAL WHEN IT ISN’T?

What are you doing to bring normalcy to your days?


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