My video series on rollerskating launches NOW!

I’m so excited to announce my newest endeavor: I’m starting a new video series about rollerskating!

Okay, I’d be lying a bit if I said this wasn’t selfishly motivated. Now that I’m done with my memoir and it’s off with a potential agent (AGH!), I’ve been thinking about what I want to do next. Building my author’s platform is on that list, and when you consider my memoir is about the first two years I played derby and that I’ve been skating a TON since COVID hit, I thought I’d take the time to start making content. That’s where this series about rollerskating comes in.

This idea rose to the top, and here’s why: I love skating. I’ve been skating since I was little, plus played roller derby for nearly a decade. Lately, I’ve seen tons of new, hopeful potential skaters asking tons of questions about skates and pads, and I realized that those of us who have been skating for years are great resources. I want them to fall in love with skating as much as I have.

Wretched is rollerskating
This is love.

I’m a journalist and writer, so while much of this will tackle gear and the skating lifestyle, this won’t all be hearts and rainbows. I’d like to dig in to hot topics in modern day sports and skating and discuss the current skating culture and where things stand. Stay tuned! I’ve got some good ideas stewing in my brain.

If you have ideas or topics you’d like me to explore, shoot me a message or post a comment. Follow my video series about rollerskating here, on YouTube, or on Facebook.

And best of all, as I’ve been trailing skating my way through COVID, I wanted to share my current trail skating playlist for those of you who need great music to skate to. Enjoy!

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