Roller skating gear: How to protect yourself with Singh Machine

I love nerding out over roller skating gear, and always have wished I could test it all myself through all of my years of roller derby. But since that’s not possible unless you’ve got a rich grandma or a secret money tree I need to know about, I like to ask others their opinions.

As I’m interviewing skaters for my series, one of the things I’m doing is asking them what gear they’re skating on. Beyond costs, there’s another big reason I’m doing it, too.

Skaters’ bodies are so different from one another. What works for a petite (in both height and weight) might not be ideal for someone who’s tall, bigger, or even the goals that person has on their skates. Everything from positions to injuries to weight to height can affect the gear you need. To me, it’s important to know what roller skating gear people are using so you can learn about and find what’s right for you.

This video shows what Singh Machine uses, both on the track and in the bowls. I’m linking out to her gear so you can take a look.

Talking roller skating gear with Singh Machine!

Singh skates on the AR2 Antik roller skates with PowerDyne Arius Platinum plates for greater stability and maneuverability. She uses a Mota Monster Toe Stop and Radar Wheels.

Pad-wise, Singh is a huge fan of Pro Designed pads for her wrists and elbows. But she loves her TSG knee pads for its “pro-level hold.” Like most of the rest of us from roller derby, she skated in an S1 helmet. And if you, like Singh, need a butt pad, Triple 8 sells the bumsaver here.

I also don’t want to forget to share the Zum products I use to keep my pads clean and fresh.

Singh Machine goes into Beast Mode.

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