Who is this wrtrgrl77?

Well, hello there. Thanks for wanting to learn a little bit more about me. Here’s a quick surface brush-over: for years, I was a copywriter at an advertising agency. I loved it most days, though the stress there led me to either pound out my frustration on the sidewalks of the town in which I live, or on girls twice my size. You see, I’m also a runner and roller girl—and a serious carb lover, which is why I don’t mind running 6 miles in 90 degree weather. When I’m not feverishly exercising, I sew and I knit. I also love to cook. And I play several instruments. In short, I am virtually incapable of using the left side of my brain.

If you keep coming back, you’ll probably learn about my love of roller derby (I’m Mary Lou Wretched, and I now skate with the Kansas City Roller Warriors) and comic books. I’ll obsessively talk about my health, and maybe lament over my dad’s heart problems (which eventually killed him) and my mom’s ongoing battles with breast cancer, and how all of these things make it totally okay for me to run so much my toenails fall off.  I’ll probably rant about politics and music and grammar mistakes. Pretty much whatever feels right for a carefree, spontaneous soul like mine.

Enjoy, or don’t. Either way, thanks for reading.

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