The weight of baby weight

The weight of baby weight

I remember hearing a story years ago about how a friend who was breastfeeding couldn’t keep weight on her body. It was as if the baby was sucking a marathon’s worth of calories out of her and no amount of food could keep her from looking skeletal. Honestly, it kind of made me look forward … Read More


When I was home for Christmas, I went on a hunt for photos I knew my mom had of me in my roller skates. It’s always fun finding evidence that I’ve had an obsession with skates for most of my life. But then I found this: This is a photo of my dad immediately after … Read More

The trip where we concepted a pizza

I spent my Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska dodging herds of Cornhusker fans on the kickoff of college football season. As a member of the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Star team, Lincoln is a frequent stop during our season, and because Lincoln’s venue is located downtown, close to the University of Nebraska, there are plenty … Read More