Running with my muse

Running with my muse

I’ve pounded this pavement countless times before, running more miles than I could possibly remember. Through depression and heartache. Through moments of elation. Fear. Struggles. Hope. And everything in-between. I left skin, blood, and sweat on that road. It’s where I stumbled upon concussions 2 and 3. I crunched through snow. Reveled in the rain. Felt … Read More

Boxed adventures

Anybody who knows me knows one thing well: I love food. I mean, I’m obsessed with it. Yet oddly enough, I’m a vegetarian. This was a choice I made after watching my dad suffer through three open heart surgeries starting at the age of 38 until he passed away from a heart attack at 62. … Read More

Starting over again

One broken finger. One dislocated finger. Two toes that randomly pop out of socket. One thrashed ankle, originally broken at the age of 12, which suffers from constant tendon/ligament pain and stiffness that is always compounded by skating and running. One separated shoulder. One popped elbow bursa. Two concussions. This is my injury collection since … Read More